20th November 2015

Several months later and I've done very little with the website, really. I'd love to make this a regular blog. Maybe put aside 30 minutes to an hour every week, at a regular time, maybe like this on a Friday night, to force myself to actually write something. Not sure it'll do any good but you never know. What I need is a topic or subject to write about, a project to report the progress of. Perhaps when I start my Trinity Diploma I can blog about that - the research I do, the things I learn, how I'm progressing or not.

Or maybe I could blog about Saints' progress through the 2015-2016 season, from the early pre-season friendlies to the disappointing Europa League adventure. Or the progress on the website itself. There's a few things I want to learn - how I connect an email address to the site, how I can use it to advertise my tutoring service, to self-promote, whether I can compartmentalise it - into a personal and a business section or if I'd need another address to do that, and etc and so on.