Thursday 14th January 2016

Second edition - I lost the first one two minutes ago. So frustrating. Bastards!

So, the first post for a long time. Almost two months in fact. The reasons for that are quite simple. One, life has been incredibly hectic: housing crisis - impending homelessness due to the callous nature of capitalism and the heartlessness of Linda, the landlady; the chaos of the festive season - trying to ensure that Hannah and Ella have a memorable and happy Xmas; health worries - Hannah's continual tummy problems and ever-incipient cold symptoms and, much more urgently, Ann has Bell's palsy, complete paralysis of the right side of her face. And two, the site was taken down as I hadn't paid the monthly fee to keep it live. Typical, both. 

So, I guess I'll be adding to this a bit more regularly in future.