Diploma Blog

Long time, no see.

It's almost two years since I last posted on here, but I feel inspired to as a way of keeping a record of my progress on my diploma - the Trinity TESOL Diploma. Until now I haven't exactly been pulling up trees with my study programme. Quite the opposite - planting trees, perhaps?! Progress has been painfully slow due to my general laziness and a genuine lack of time. And then, at a tutorial a month or so ago, I discovered that everything I had already done (admittedly a rather unimpressive amount) was redundant. The modules I'd been working from were out of date and longer met the assessment criteria of Trinity College, London. So, they had to bring the start date of my diploma forward to July 2018 and I've had to start all over again.

This should have been a huge disappointment, but down to my slow progress, it was in fact a huge bonus. And hopefully I can now crack on with the new modules and get the bulk of the work down in 12 months. That's what this blog is in aid of: to monitor the progress. I've told myself I should do an hour a day, usually after work immediately after I arrive home. That's what I did today - module 1 of the course and the accompanying personal development tasks.

See you tomorrow.