Diploma day 2

I have now done two days in a row of spending at least an hour's study time on the Diploma every day. Today, when I arrived home from work on the bus, having met Ann in Lidl in Dalry and then walked from there to St Michael's church to get the bus, I reached my folder down from the top of the bookcase, opened the laptop, and dived once again into the modules. Today, I had a good look at the guidelines for the Observational Instrument and broke the back of Module 2. Module 2 is the first of two about reading comprehension lessons. 

So, now, the work has to go in two directions: 1) I've got to look further into the art of lesson observation and come up with a rationale for my Instrument project, which I think will be something to do with error correction and gender; and 2) I've got to find a reading passage that I can use for reading comprehension lessons and from which I can cobble together comprehension questions which I will then use in a class and evaluate.

On the domestic front, the house is a bit empty - Hannah is away at Andy's, which is south of Glasgow somewhere - Lanarkshire, a place called Forth. Ella is staying tonight so she has decided to move into Hannah's room. She may claim squatters' rights. Ann is still not fully well - been ill for about 3 weeks. Three weeks of stomach ache, constant discomfort, regular episodes of pain accompanied by sweats and shivers, and taking terrifying amounts of laxatives. Poor Ann - she seems so down. Hopefully she'll get better over the weekend. I'm working tomorrow but she is going to HMP Shotts to visit Stephen with Carrie and the kids.

Signing off...