Sunday 23rd September 2018

I’ve been terribly busy for the last week or so. Last week was the first week of the new term at school, which means there are new courses starting every evening Monday to Thursday. This involves my presence at school until classes go in every every evening.. This is something that I actually quite enjoy - I get to play host and welcome people to the school, introduce them to each other and their teacher. It plays to one of my strengths, I think. I’m a bit of a performer, much more so when I’m feeling up to it.

Anyway, all of this means that the diploma work has slowed down a little. But, I did manage to try out a reading lesson on the upper-intermediate class. It was a passage about the Battle of Stirling which went down pretty well, along with maps and pictures.

The next module, which I’ve started looking at today, is about teaching writing. The task involves using a reading passage as an introduction to a writing lesson. I need to find a reading passage which I can use as the basis for approximation tasks and exploitation tasks to set up a writing exercise. So, I’ve got a couple of afternoons of Spoken Performance next week which are just going to have to become Written Performance!

Cheers, everyone…

Friday 14th September 2018

I received some feedback on the Stirling Bridge lesson. I got an email from Ian (my tutor at TLI) yesterday. He said that the work was excellent - the pre-tasks, the passage itself and the questions, all excellent. And my evaluation is exactly what they’re looking for. That’s two modules in a row that have gone really well. I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Going to crack on with it. Hopefully should be fully qualified about this time next year. Yea!

Anniversary of Stirling Bridge

I completed the task from module 3 today. I’d put together a reading about the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Yesterday was the 721st anniversary of the battle (and the 17th anniversary of the twin towers attack in New York - which gave me a ‘this day in history’ lead in to the topic).

I took Uist for 45 minutes and delivered the lesson to three very unforthcoming students. Gregor had warned me that they were difficult - the most difficult he’s ever taught, he said. Anyway, it went OK. And two of them even approached me during the break to say they’d enjoyed the lesson. I felt like telling them that they should have told they face they were having fun!

Anyway, I’ve opened a new blog page. And I’ve tried to move the last three or four entries to the new section but I can’t work it out. I’ll persevere!